Optimizing server
refresh cycles:

The case for circular economy
with an aging Moore's Law .

Techbuyer's Ground-Breaking Server Research Now Available

This published 'IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing' paper investigates the slowdown of increased CPU efficiencies and how this impacts server trends. 

The traditional view has been that each successive generation of servers is more efficient – and therefore more environmentally friendly – than the last. It has also been widely accepted that regularly refreshing to new IT hardware can halve the energy bill and servers being used whilst increasing performance.

What you will learn from this paper

  • Why at low utilisation, CPUs are becoming less efficient.
  • How upgrading an immediate past generation with CPU and RAM can outperform the latest base configuration.
  • That refreshing with the latest data centre equipment is not always the best economical and environmental option for today's businesses.

How this research will help your business

The IEEE paper is set to change the way that data centre managers think about server refreshes. CPU trends show less efficiency at low power mode for later machines, which means that if you buy a high-powered machine and don't use it, you are massively overspending on the electricity bill and on carbon. In other words, don't use a sports car to drive to the supermarket.


'Being the first to prove that refurbished servers can out-perform new generations in terms of performance, energy efficiency and environmental benefits when configured properly is an incredibly proud moment for Techbuyer. The IEEE paper, which has been published as a result of a 2-year research partnership between Techbuyer and the University of East London, presents peer-reviewed evidence with never before seen findings. We are very excited to share these findings with stakeholders around the world."

Kevin Towers, CEO Techbuyer


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